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How to Reset Epson B42WD Printer with Adjustment Program

How to Reset Epson B42WD Printer with Adjustment Program

If you own an Epson B42WD printer, you may encounter some problems such as waste ink pad counter overflow, print head alignment error, or ink cartridge recognition error. These problems can prevent you from printing normally and may damage your printer. To solve these problems, you need to reset your printer using an adjustment program.

An adjustment program is a software tool that allows you to perform various maintenance functions on your Epson printer, such as resetting the waste ink pad counter, cleaning the print head, checking the nozzle pattern, and changing the serial number. You can download an adjustment program for Epson B42WD from ORPYS, a website that offers original and reliable adjustment programs for various Epson models.

Epson B42wd Adjustment Program

Download Zip:

In this article, we will show you how to use the adjustment program for Epson B42WD to reset your printer and fix common errors. Follow these steps carefully and make sure you have a USB cable and a Windows computer ready.

Step 1: Download and Install the Adjustment Program

First, you need to download the adjustment program for Epson B42WD from ORPYS. The file size is about 3 MB and the price is $7.50. After you purchase the program, you will receive a license key that will allow you to use the program on one computer only. You can also get free updates to the latest version of the program.

Once you download the file, unzip it and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program on your computer. You may need to disable your antivirus software temporarily as some antivirus programs may detect the program as a threat.

Step 2: Connect Your Printer and Run the Adjustment Program

Next, you need to connect your Epson B42WD printer to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your printer is turned on and in a ready state. Then, run the adjustment program from your desktop or start menu. You will see a window like this:

Select your printer model from the drop-down menu and click OK. You will then see another window like this:

This is the main menu of the adjustment program where you can access various functions. To reset your printer, click on "Particular adjustment mode".

Step 3: Select the Function You Want to Perform

In the particular adjustment mode window, you will see a list of functions that you can perform on your printer. Depending on the problem you are facing, you can select one or more of these functions. For example:

  • If you want to reset the waste ink pad counter, select "Waste ink pad counter" and click OK. Then, check the boxes for "Main pad counter" and "Platen pad counter" and click "Check". The program will show you the current values of these counters. If they are above 100%, you need to reset them by clicking "Initialization". The program will ask you to turn off and on your printer. After that, click "Finish" and close the program.

  • If you want to clean the print head, select "Head cleaning" and click OK. Then, select the nozzle that you want to clean and click "Cleaning". The program will perform a cleaning cycle on your printer. After that, click "Finish" and close the program.

If you want to check the nozzle pattern, select "Nozzle check" and click OK. Then, click "Print" to print a nozzle check pattern on a sheet of paper. The program will show you a preview of the pattern. If there are any gaps or missing lines in the pattern, you need to clean 0efd9a6b88

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