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Bushido, Electro Ghetto [EXCLUSIVE] Full Album Zip

Bushido's Electro Ghetto: A Classic Album of German Rap

If you are a fan of German rap music, you might have heard of Bushido, one of the most successful and influential rappers in the country. Bushido has released many albums and songs over the years, but one of his most popular and controversial albums is Electro Ghetto, which came out in 2004.

Bushido, Electro Ghetto full album zip

Electro Ghetto is the second solo album by Bushido, and the first one under his own label ersguterjunge. The album features 22 tracks, including collaborations with other rappers such as Azad, Baba Saad, Bass Sultan Hengzt, Chaker, King Ali, and Sentino. The album also features a song with singer Cassandra Steen, called "Hoffnung Stirbt Zuletzt" (Hope Dies Last), which became a hit single.

What Is Electro Ghetto About?

Electro Ghetto is an album that reflects Bushido's life and experiences as a rapper and as a person. The album covers various topics such as fame, money, violence, drugs, racism, love, and hope. The album also expresses Bushido's views and opinions on the German rap scene and society in general.

The title of the album, Electro Ghetto, refers to the style of music that Bushido uses in the album. The album combines elements of electro music with rap lyrics that describe the harsh realities of living in the ghetto. Bushido said that he wanted to create a new sound that was different from the typical German rap music at the time.

What Is the Reception of Electro Ghetto?

Electro Ghetto was a commercial and critical success for Bushido. The album reached number six on the German album charts and sold over 100,000 copies. The album also received positive reviews from critics and fans who praised Bushido's skills and originality.

However, Electro Ghetto also caused some controversy and criticism for Bushido. Some of the songs in the album were accused of being sexist, homophobic, violent, or racist. Some of the lyrics also provoked legal disputes with other rappers or celebrities who felt offended or insulted by Bushido. For example, Bushido was sued by rapper Kool Savas for using his name in a negative way in the song "Gangbang".

What Is ersguterjunge?

ersguterjunge is the name of the independent German hip hop label that Bushido founded in 2004, after he left the indie label Aggro Berlin. The name ersguterjunge is a reflection of some of Germany's immigrant population's slang for standard German "er ist ein guter Junge" (he is a good boy).

ersguterjunge is distributed by Sony BMG and has signed many artists over the years, such as Baba Saad, Chakuza, Bizzy Montana, Eko Fresh, Kay One, Shindy, Capital Bra, and Samra. Some of these artists have left the label or had conflicts with Bushido, while others have remained loyal and successful.

What Is the Impact of Electro Ghetto?

Electro Ghetto is one of the most influential albums in German rap history. The album established Bushido as a star and a leader in the rap scene. The album also introduced a new style of music that combined electro beats with rap lyrics that depicted the harsh realities of living in the ghetto.

Electro Ghetto also inspired many other rappers and producers to follow Bushido's footsteps and create similar music. Some of these rappers and producers include Fler, Sido, Aggro Berlin, Farid Bang, Kollegah, and Shindy. Electro Ghetto also influenced the culture and fashion of German rap fans, who adopted Bushido's style of clothing and accessories.


Bushido's Electro Ghetto is a classic album of German rap that was released in 2004. The album showcases Bushido's skills and originality as a rapper and as a producer. The album also combines electro music with rap lyrics that describe the life and struggles of living in the ghetto. The album was a commercial and critical success, but also caused some controversy and criticism for Bushido. The album also influenced many other rappers and producers, as well as the culture and fashion of German rap fans. Electro Ghetto is an album that deserves to be listened to and appreciated by anyone who loves rap music. d282676c82


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