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(TODAY>) Today: Germany U20 v Italy U20 live 07.09.2023

Germany U20 vs Italy U20 ❱ 07.09.2023 ❱ Soccer ❱ U20 International Friendlies, World ❱ ⚡Best Odds & Picks ⭐Accurate Predictions ✔️Live Score & Stats ...

Piero Maza Gomez will not tolerate this behavior on the pitch and therefore whistles the foul. 2:26 PM3 months agoON THE BEAM! Cesare Casadei receives the ball inside the area and sends a quick shot. The ball explodes against the crossbar! 2:21 PM3 months agoSimone Pafundi took the corner, but failed to threaten the goal. The ball flew towards the opponent's players, who cleared the shot. 2:19 PM3 months agoCasadei takes a shot from a distance, without force, but Aniagboso sent it to the corner. 2:17 PM3 months agoSunday Jude sends in a corner kick, but one of the defenders goes up in the air and pushes the ball away with a header.

It would be Italy's first goal. 2:46 PM3 months agoWe will have 4 minutes of extra time before the end of the first half. 2:41 PM3 months agoFredrick receives the yellow card after a foul on Baldanzi. It is the first yellow card of the match. 2:41 PM3 months agoBenjamin Frederick sends a cross into the box, pushed away by an opponent. The ball goes out of play. Nigeria has a corner kick in its favor.

2:17 PM3 months agoMattia Zanotti brings his opponent down with a cart. Piero Maza Gomez stops the match and gives only a verbal warning instead of a card. 2:12 PM3 months agoCasadei leaves his arm in the marker and the referee commits a foul. 2:09 PM3 months agoDaka takes a dangerous shot from outside the box, but it goes wide of Desplanches' goal. 2:06 PM3 months agoSamson Lawal committed the foul when he was too aggressive in contesting for the ball.

3:44 PM3 months agoTommaso Baldanzi takes a quick corner, but Chijioke Aniagboso is well prepared and punches the ball away. 3:42 PM3 months agoPressure from Italy. Players want a draw at all costs. 3:41 PM3 months agoThe team works well and leaves Tommaso Baldanzi in good condition for the shot on the edge of the area, but the ball grazes the right post. 3:39 PM3 months agoTommaso Baldanzi enters the area and is brought down after an attempted tackle by an opponent, but the referee signals NO penalty! 3:39 PM3 months agoAbel Ogwuche is penalized for the unfortunate cart. Piero Maza Gomez blows the whistle and signals the foul, making it clear that he will not accept this kind of behavior. 3:34 PM3 months agoGabriele Guarino breaks away from her marker inside the penalty area and time her leap to take the corner. Despite being in front of goal, her header goes wide of the right post. 3:29 PM3 months agoBaldanzi carries the ball, takes it to the middle and finishes. The ball is deflected out for a corner.

Sebastiano Desplanches (Italy) is down on the pitch after the entrance and medical staff are called to his aid. 3:08 PM3 months agoBameyi makes the cut, pulls it inside and shoots from the edge of the area. Desplanches saves. On the left side, the Italy defense sends a corner kick. 3:06 PM3 months agoIn the first chance, Italy came with danger. Ambrosino fifinalized, but the Nigeria defense saved. 3:05 PM3 months agoAll in for the second leg of Italy-Nigeria 2:49 PM3 months agoEnd of the first half and no goals for Italy-Nigeria 2:48 PM3 months agoBaldanzi takes a long shot, Aniagboso sends it to the corner, but almost misses.

2:39 PM3 months agoThere was a touch of the hand, a penalty could have been awarded, but there was an Italian foul on the previous play. So the penalty was not awarded. 2:38 PM3 months agoJudge went to the monitor to check the possible penalty for Italy. 2:35 PM3 months agoPafundi crosses from the right, but the defense moves away. Then another cross and the ball explodes in the defense. Italy's players ask for a penalty. 2:31 PM3 months agoSAAAAAVEEEES, Desplanches! Salem Fago receives on the edge of the area, shoots dangerously and Desplanches sends it to the corner. It's still 0-0. 2:29 PM3 months agoJude Sunday receives at the edge of the area, finishes with danger, but a ball passes to the left of the goal. 2:26 PM3 months agoIt appears that Lawal Salem Fago was seeing red due to the force of its entry.

3:54 PM3 months agoFROM NIGERIA! Sunday received a long throw-in, came out in front of Desplanches and touched the goalkeeper: 2-0. 3:53 PM3 months agoThe corner cross produced by Nigeria is comfortably intercepted by one of the defense players. 3:52 PM3 months agoNigeria came on the counter-attack, but the Italy defender managed to send it out for a corner. 3:50 PM3 months agoWe will have 8 minutes of overtime. 3:47 PM3 months agoSubstitutions were made. Niccolo Pisilli has replaced Matteo Prati. 3:45 PM3 months agoFredrik is hit in the face and falls. He receives medical attention.

Germany U20 Vs Italy U20: Livescore & Stats Germany U20 v Italy U20 (07/09/2023) - Elite League U20 - Olympiapark-Amateurstadion. Get the complete Match Preview on

Germany U20 won 29 matches out of 62 matches, while Italy U20 won 23 matches out of 51 games. Germany U20 vs Italy U20 Betting Tips Germany U20 vs Italy U20 Prediction 2: Over 2. 5 total Goals Based on recent statistics, it is highly that the match between Germany U20 and Italy U20 will result in over 2. 5 total goals. In recent matches, Germany U20 has scored 4 goals at home and Italy U20 has scored 11 goals at away.

Germany U20 vs Italy U20 Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 09/07/2023[U20 International Prediction] Who will reign supreme in the Germany U20 vs Italy U20 showdown? Our prediction analysts provide betting tips and current odds for this highly anticipated match. Germany U20 vs Italy U20 Prediction: Germany U20 is scheduled to visit on 09/07/2023 to face Italy U20 in a U20 International match.

Germany U20 - Italy U20 07.09.2023 21 hours ago — Germany U20 vs Italy U20 score, statistics, and full match live broadcast can be found on All this data is accessible and free

Football, Europe: Germany U20 live scores, results, fixtures Germany page on offers livescore, results, standings and match details (goal scorers, red cards,

Total goal ratio over is 56. 95%. In the last 3 matches, Germany U20 has scored 4 goals and conceded 3 goals, while Italy U20 has scored 11 goals and conceded 4 goals in the last 4 matches. Betimate's Prediction Germany U20 1 - 2 Italy U20 Betimate Correct score Avg. goals B. O Score UI 2 1 - 2 2. 97 1.

Germany U20 vs Italy U20 live score The match between Germany U20 vs Italy U20 for the World U20 Elite League competition is scheduled to be played on 07 September, 2023. The match kicks off at


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