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Double Cross Ek Dhoka Full Movie Hd 1080p Hindi

Double Cross Ek Dhoka Full Movie Hd 1080p Hindi

Double Cross Ek Dhoka is a 2005 Indian drama film starring Negar Khan and her ex-husband, Sahil Khan. The film revolves around the themes of betrayal, greed, and love. It was directed by Vicky Tejwani and produced by him as well. The film was the first leading actress role for Negar Khan.

The plot of the film is as follows: Sonia (Ayesha Jhulka) is a wealthy woman who marries Sahil (Sahil Khan), an uneducated man, and takes him to London. She forces him to become a gigolo to maintain her lavish lifestyle. Sahil meets Negar (Negar Khan), a stripper, and falls in love with her. They plan to escape from Sonia's clutches, but things take a dramatic turn when Sonia finds out about their affair.

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The film was released on July 12, 2005 in India. It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the performances of the lead actors, while others criticized the weak script and direction. The film was also controversial for its bold scenes and dialogues. The film had a moderate box office performance, earning Rs. 2.5 crore in India.

The film is available to watch online in HD 1080p quality on various streaming platforms, such as [Hitmovies4u] and [Cinebox4k]. You can also download the film from these sites or other torrent sites. However, we advise you to watch the film legally and avoid piracy.

If you are a fan of drama films with a twist, you might enjoy watching Double Cross Ek Dhoka Full Movie Hd 1080p Hindi. The film has some thrilling moments and romantic scenes that will keep you hooked till the end.


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