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Inna Dunaevsky is the new Israeli SynchroniZed Swimming Comen Coach

Inna's career started at the age of 7, in the Hapoel Ashdod team in Synchronized Swimming.

Inna practiced until the age of 20, and in the army she served as an athlete possession In the past she was the second-division champion in couples and group dancing in Israel. She has a BA in Physical Education and Teaching from Wingate College. Currently a graduate student in public health. This year she was given the job of head coach at the Comen age group 13-15. The main goal is to achieve a high score in order to get into the top ten of the European Championship. The mission is to train the girls to develop physical and motor skills so that they can continue to older team and then to try to get to the Olympics, since the minimum age for the Olympics is 16 years old. There are number of promising talents in the Comen team, so with hard work, perseverance and a passion they can reach Tokyo 2020 Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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