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A new coach for the Israel Swimming Team

Luka Gabrilo, who coached Switzerland's swimming team and worked with Jonathan Kopelev, will guide the swimmers of Israel and will replace Kajo Kajevich, who will return to the United States in September.

The coach of Switzerland's swimming team until recently, Luca Gabriello, will be the coach of Israel's new swimming team. He will take up his post this September and replace Kajo Kajevich, who will return to the US artist. The man who worked closely with Gabriloin Switzerland recently was Jonathan Kopelev, who was the only Israeli to reach the finals in Hungary and finished eighth in the 50 meters. The Croatian coach has worked in the past four years with the best coaches in the world. Three months ago, after a year in the job, Gabriloin finished his role as coach in the Swiss national team. Gabriloin then joined the Israeli swimming association's professional advisor, Dave Marsh (who coached the US women's team at the 2016 Olympics) and stayed with him for a month and a half in the United States, together with the Israeli national team that was preparing for the World Championships in Budapest.

Luka Gabrilo and Kajo

"The advantage of Luca is that he was the chief coach of a big country," said Simon Davidson, chairman of the swimming association.

He sees the whole picture and not just four swimmers. To make the change we need someone who sees the whole picture, with infrastructure for young people and the development of coaches, and it takes time. " The project for the promotion of Israeli swimming will be made possible by the Belvautnik Family Fund, with Alex Blavotnik and the Clal Industries Group, which recently announced a grant of over $ 1 million to the Israel Swimming Association. The grant will be given as part of a multi-year program to adopt Israel's national swimming teams - to promote excellence, achievement, professionalism and Israeli pride.

Coach David Marsh @ coachDavidmarsh

We are only at the beginning of the change, and the dramatic change will begin only in September. The world championship was the largest ever, in terms of number of participants, level, audience, atmosphere - and some of the swimmers did not withstand the pressure. Davidson noted.

Israeli swimmers, especially members of the team, will not get too much rest, since from tomorrow (Wednesday) until Sunday the Israeli swimming pool will be held at the Wingate Institute.

We at Swimming Israel wish coach Kajo all the luck in the USA, To Caoch Marsh and Coach Gabrilo all the luck with the Israeli swimmers Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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