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Hyper Terminal 7.0 PE Crack By Metroidbfdcm gemmblad


Hyper Terminal 7.0 PE crack by Metroidbfdcm

Downloads: 162346 Size: 7.48 MB About Me i am hacker i have done many hacks and here i tell you how i can be helpful to you!!! you can reach me at [email protected] My Email is not active because i dont want to give my email in google Email me at [email protected] I have a good Password generator to keep your password safe and safe!!! Facts and Hack: 1.A Malware is a software that is downloaded and installed on your computer when you surf the web. 2.It is not designed to do bad to you and it is not a virus but it can harm your system. 3.It can steal your personal data and use your computer without your permission. 4.A Trojan is a software that acts as a spy and records your keystrokes and some other computer activity. 5.A Rootkit is a hidden software that is installed on your computer while using it. 6.a Ransomware is a software that will make you pay a ransom money in order to get your personal files back. 7.A Virus is a piece of code that can damage your computer. 8.A Denial-of-Service is a type of attack that makes a server or a computer crash. 9.A DoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of attack in which a large number of computers working together to prevent a server or a computer from responding to requests. 10.A RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a type of malware that can perform activities that you do not want it to perform. 11.a XSS is a type of vulnerability where it is possible to inject client-side scripts into a website. 12.a SQL Injection is a type of vulnerability, where it is possible to manipulate a database, usually by inserting, modifying or deleting data. 13.A Dictionary Attack is a type of attack, where a dictionary of words is used to access the database by trying different words until the correct one is found. 14.A Ping of Death is an attack against network hosts that make them unresponsive to commands. 15.A Nuke is a type of DoS (Denial of Service) attack that not only make the target computer or a network that has been attacked inaccessible, but it can even make it crash

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