Master swimming teams

Aqua Stamina - אקוה סוים

Head Coach: Ben Osheri
Team Manager:

Location: North Tel Aviv
Contact: 054-4400627
Facebook: Aquastaminaclub
About the team:

Aqwatikim - אקווטיקים

Head Coach: 
Team Manager:

Location: Givat Haim
About the team:

Asa Tel Aviv - אס"א תל אביב

Head Coach: Moshe Tshuva
Team Manager:

Location: Tel Aviv University 
Contact: 054-3144485
About the team:

H2O+Swim - המרכז לשחיה של ערן גרומי

Head Coach: Eran Groumi
Team Manager:

Location: Kfar Shemaryahu
Contact: 052-5658565
About the team: Eran Groumi is an Olympic swimmer

Hapoel Jerusalem - הפועל ירושליים

Head Coach: Lior Birkan
Team Manager:

Location: Philip Lion
Contact: 0522479220
About the team:

Hapoel Omer - הפועל עומר

Head Coach: Gariy Kalontarov
Team Manager: Tatiana Kalontarov

Location: Omer center
Contact: 050-6964253
About the team:

Maccabi Haifa - מכבי חיפה

Head Coach: Zafrir Perkis
Team Manager:

Location: Har Carmel
Contact: 054-7420721
About the team:

Maccabi Kiryat Bialik - מכבי קרית ביאליק

Head Coach: Sharon Bar Sela
Team Manager: Haim Koifman

Location: Cauntry Afek
Contact: 052-3411181
About the team:

Maccabi Soham - מכבי שוהם

Head Coach: Guy Shmueli
Team Manager:

Location: Soham
Contact: 054-5837774
About the team:

Master Rechovot - מאסטרס רחובות

Head Coach: Tal Striker
Team Manager:

Contact: 052-3898813
About the team: Tal Striker  is an Olympic swimmer

Masters Rishon - מאסטרס רשל"צ

Head Coach: Shahar Kislev
Team Manager:

Location: Ramat Eliyaho
Contact: 054-6305742
About the team:

Sportan Petach Tikva - מאסטרס ספורטן פתח תקווה

Head Coach: Eyal Moyal
Team Manager: Norbi Liron

Location: Sportan Petach Tikva
Contact: 052-5580260
About the team:

TLV Nemos 

Head Coach: 
Team Manager: Sagi Krispin

Location: Merom Neve, Ramat Gan
About the team: A masters swimming team for LGBT people and supporters.

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