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Guide to play handicap betting in football for beginner

In football betting, handicap betting is one of the most commonly placed and played wagers. Bettors often prefer handicap bets. But why is handicap betting in football so popular? If you're still curious and don't know much about it, let Wintips help you. Here's an article explaining handicap betting and some tips for betting with it.

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Answering the question, 'What is handicap betting in football?'

Handicap betting is a widely used type of bet not only in football but also in the sports betting arena. It's a type of bet that reflects the difference in strength between two competing teams. Bookmakers set handicap bets to balance the money wagered on both teams.

For this type of bet, there are two forms: Asian handicap and European handicap. The Asian handicap aims to adjust the odds by offering a handicap to one of the teams, while the European handicap is mainly about adjusting the final score.

To ensure a fair betting experience, bookmakers use the Asian handicap to create a more balanced wager. They do this by applying a handicap to one of the teams, effectively giving them a head start or a deficit, depending on their perceived strength.

How to read handicap betting in football comprehensively

To successfully engage in handicap betting in football, you need to understand how to read these bets. Since there are various forms of handicap bets, it's essential to be familiar with them. Here's how to read handicap bets simply:

Level Handicap (0:0)

Also known as a draw no bet or a level handicap, this type of bet attracts a lot of attention. In this type of handicap, bettors are presented with odds for both teams, but the draw is taken out of the equation. If t