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[S3E2] Hell Week

[S3E2] Hell Week

[S3E2] Hell Week

The next day, Cullen is told an alternate route can be built but would put them five weeks behind schedule. Back in town, Sean McGinnes (Ben Esler), the railroad's new bookkeeper, tells Cullen that Durant has cancelled the livestock contracts and cornered the market. An angry Cullen says he should have killed Durant long ago. Louise overhears this. Later in the church, Cullen tells Ruth Cole (Kasha Kropinski) about the Hatch family situation. She cautions that Mormons are a "violent people."

Mr Mercedes returns this week with a continuation of the Rothstein saga, and an episode that sees Bill get closer to figuring out what happened while Morris formulates a plan of his own to track down his lucrative stash. All of this builds to a dramatic finale that looks set to push Mr Mercedes back to its supernatural roots laid last season.

I really wish the season premiere was two hours, like Mad Men. It was a long week waiting for this episode. But when compared to how long book readers have to wait between new Martin novels, it feels ungrateful to whine about it. 59ce067264


ברוך הבא לקבוצה! אתה יכול להתחבר עם מנויים אחרים, לקבל עדכונ...


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