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Spontano Lecenje Uverenja: How to Change Your Beliefs and Heal Your Life

Spontano Lecenje Uverenja: How to Change Your Beliefs and Heal Your Life

Spontano Lecenje Uverenja is a book by Greg Brejden, a bestselling author and researcher who explores the connection between science and spirituality. The book's title means "spontaneous healing of beliefs" in Serbian, and it reveals how changing our perceptions and beliefs can lead to healing, peace and even reality creation.

Spontano Lecenje Uverenja Pdf Free

In this article, we will review some of the main ideas and insights from the book, and show you how you can apply them to your own life. We will also provide you with a link to download a free PDF version of the book, so you can read it at your own pace.

What are beliefs and how do they affect us?

Beliefs are the assumptions and expectations that we have about ourselves, others and the world. They are formed by our experiences, education, culture, religion and other influences. Beliefs shape our perception of reality, and influence our thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes.

Some beliefs are positive and empowering, such as "I am worthy of love" or "I can achieve my goals". These beliefs help us to grow, learn and create. Other beliefs are negative and limiting, such as "I am not good enough" or "I have no control over my life". These beliefs hold us back, cause us stress and prevent us from fulfilling our potential.

According to Brejden, beliefs are not fixed or permanent. They are dynamic and flexible, and can be changed by new information, experiences or perspectives. He argues that changing our beliefs is the key to changing our lives, because when we change our beliefs, we change our reality.

How can we change our beliefs?

Brejden suggests that there are two ways to change our beliefs: through logic or through emotion. Logic is the rational and analytical way of thinking that uses facts, evidence and reason. Emotion is the intuitive and creative way of thinking that uses feelings, imagination and intuition.

Logic can help us to challenge and question our beliefs, and to find alternative explanations or solutions. For example, if we have a belief that "I am not smart enough", we can use logic to find examples of when we were smart enough, or to compare ourselves with others who have similar abilities or achievements.

Emotion can help us to create and affirm our beliefs, and to feel them as true. For example, if we want to have a belief that "I am confident", we can use emotion to imagine ourselves being confident in different situations, or to recall times when we felt confident.

Brejden recommends that we use both logic and emotion to change our beliefs, because they work together to create a powerful shift in our perception. He also advises that we focus on changing one belief at a time, and that we practice the new belief until it becomes natural and automatic.

How can changing our beliefs heal us?

Brejden claims that changing our beliefs can heal us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He bases his claim on the latest discoveries in physics and biology, which suggest that everything in the universe is connected by a field of energy and information. This field responds to our thoughts and emotions, and reflects them back to us as our reality.

Brejden explains that when we have negative or limiting beliefs, we create stress in our bodies and minds. Stress disrupts the natural balance and harmony of our systems, and leads to disease and dysfunction. When we have positive or empowering beliefs, we create peace in our bodies and minds. Peace restores the natural balance and harmony of our systems, and leads to health and wellness.

Brejden also states that changing our beliefs can heal us spiritually, because it allows us to connect with our true essence and purpose. He believes that we are not separate from the field of energy and information, but part of it. He calls this field "the Divine Matrix", and says that it is the source of all creation. By changing our beliefs, we align ourselves with the Divine Matrix, and access its e0e6b7cb5c


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