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Remember These to Publish Your Book

The secret to success as a self-publisher is covering all the bases typically handled by a publishing house. It means you're an author but also responsible for editing, cover design, and book fulfillment for your online orders. When you do them well and publish a profitable book, you keep more proceeds than traditionally published authors who receive less compensation. When you sell books directly from your website and have a fulfillment center ship your orders, you also get your customer data. It's useful for future marketing programs, mainly if you write more books. Make sure to retain people's emails.

Selecting the binding is one of the more exciting and enjoyable parts of arranging your book's publishing. It's seen as an expensive book with permanence if you go hardcover. If you're a business publishing books as marketing vehicles, you might select hardcover as a stately branding statement. Softcover books, also known as paperbacks, are lighter and easier to carry. They are cheaper to produce and have less permanence. It's an appropriate binding for many books today and undeniably the most popular. Then, secondary options like coil or spiral bindings for books are kept open.

Some first-time authors may question the need for professional editing, but it is a must. Your readers are accustomed to reading books that have been professionally edited, and yours must measure up. It's also a learning process for you as the author, seeing and absorbing an editor's suggestions about your writing. Editors are also excellent people to bounce ideas off of as you're considering titles and subtitles. They bring the experience of working with other authors, knowledge of your genre, and the perspective of an industry professional with your best interests at heart. It's an excellent reason to consider an editor.

Opportunities exist in every genre, but some have brisk sales year after year. If you can write your book in a hot-selling category or on a trending topic, you'll improve your chances of financial success. If you're penning a nonfiction volume, ensure you find a fresh angle on your subject. Books that convince target readers they have something unique to say always do better. Staking out a controversial claim, as long as it's well researched and will hold up, also can get you noticed. Your book's newsworthiness depends on telling people things they don't already know. When you do, your book will start a buzz that will build momentum for sales and visibility. It takes a combination to be successful in the marketplace.


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