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Masss: A Supernatural Thriller In Hindi And Tamil (2015) [720p] [Uncut] [HDrip] [X264] [Eng Subs] [TOP]

Masss 2015: A Tamil Action Horror Comedy Film

Masss 2015 is a Tamil-language action horror comedy film directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Suriya, Nayanthara, Pranitha Subhash, Premji, Parthiban and Samuthirakani. The film was released on 29 May 2015 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was also dubbed in Telugu as Rakshasudu and remade in Bengali as Naqaab.

Masss: A Supernatural Thriller in Hindi and Tamil (2015) [720p] [Uncut] [HDrip] [X264] [Eng Subs]

Plot Summary

The film begins with the murder of former Police Commissioner Shanmuga Sundaram by a released prisoner named Kamal Ekambaram. The story then shifts to Masilamani alias Masss and his friend Jettu who are small-time con artists. Masss meets Manini, a nurse, and they fall in love. While trying to escape after a heist gone wrong, Masss and Jettu meet with a car accident, after which Masss starts seeing dead people, with whom he can communicate. Jettu dies in the accident and becomes a ghost too.

Masss forms a group of loitering ghosts to earn money by performing fake exorcisms and extorting money from scared, rich people, while promising the ghosts that he would fulfill their last wishes in return. Meanwhile, Manini, who thought Masss was working in a finance company, gets to know about the fake exorcisms and leaves him.

One day, Masss meets a ghost called Shakthivel, a Sri Lankan Tamil man from Ceylon and a lookalike of Masss. Shakthi initially seems to help Masss to pull off a large heist. However, he wants to use Masss for his own needs. He sabotages the plan and tricks Masss into running over Anthony Xavier, a hawala broker.

Masss learns that Shakthi is his father who was killed by Kamal Ekambaram during the Sri Lankan civil war. Shakthi wants to take revenge on Kamal and his associates who are now in India. He also reveals that Masss is his son who was separated from him during the war and adopted by an Indian couple.

Masss decides to help Shakthi in his mission and joins forces with him. They kill Kamals henchmen one by one and finally confront Kamal himself. Kamal reveals that he is also a ghost who has possessed the body of Shanmuga Sundarams son. He also says that he killed Shanmuga Sundaram because he was investigating his illegal activities.

A fight ensues between Masss, Shakthi and Kamal. Kamal tries to kill Masss but Shakthi sacrifices himself to save his son. Masss then kills Kamal by throwing him into a furnace. Masss fulfills Shakthis last wish of immersing his ashes in the sea.

The film ends with Masss reuniting with Manini and continuing his life as a con artist with Jettu and other ghosts.

Download Links

If you want to watch or download Masss 2015 in 720p uncut hdrip x264 eng subs dual audio Hindi 24 format, you can use the following links:



https://sound 04f6b60f66


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