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Hi, my name is Marcus Shlesinger (מרכוס שלזינגר)

Marcus Shlesinger is an national Israeli swimming team member.
Schlesinger was born in Riverside, California.  started swimming at his freshman year in high school in 2006 from February until May, then played water polo until  started club swimming in November 2006. Schlesinger played water polo and swam during high school. 
Schlesinger  made Aliyah on May 13, 2015.


My Best Results
Long Course (50m Pool)

50m   Butterfly  | 0:24.04 |
100m Butterfly  | 0:52.81 | 
50m   Freestyle| 0:22.85 |
100m Freestyle| 0:50.48 | 

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First Name: Marcus 
Last Name: Shlesniger
Nick Name:
Israeli American
Birth Date: Nov 16th
Started to Swim:
Home Team: 
College Team:

Ouachita Baptist University


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