Hi, my name is Or Sabtier (אור סבטיר)

Or Sabtier is an 22 year old Israeli swimmer
Sabtier is a member of the national team.
Born and raised in Maccabia Park Re"ut at the age of 6 years, at the age of 9 started to swim competitive team and just one year ofter that a broke the Israeli record for the age of 10 at 50m freestyle 31.27 sec.
At the 2009 Maccabia Games Sabtier broke the Israeli record in 50m  freestyle in 24.33 sec for the age 15.
When Sabtier got to the age of 17 years old he moved to train in Wingate with the national coach Leonid Kaupman.
Now Sabtier swims in the  University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.
In the Len European Short Corse Championship in Wingate Israel Sabtier got 31st place in a50m free in a time of 22.10.and 42nd place in 100m free in a time of 49.53

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First Name: Or 
Last Name: Sabtier
Nick Name:
Birth Date: April 30st, 1994
Started to Swim:
Home Team: 
College Team:


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My Best Results

Short Course (25m Pool)
50m Freestyle   |  0:22.10 | Len Short Course EU Championship Wingate | Dec, 2015
100m Freestyle |  0:49.53 | Len Short Course EU Championship Wingate | Dec, 2015



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