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Jonathan Kopelev  training in Tenero, Switzerland for the next three month.

Jonathan Kopelev will relocate his training center "Centro Sportivo Nazionale Della Gioventu" for the next three month to Tenero, Switzerland. (Tenero is located on the northern tip of Lake Maggiore). During these three month Kopelev will compete in the Swiss Swimming Open Championships in Nov 17-19, 2016.

Jonathan Kopelev, Locarno Switzerland

Kopelev got to this center through the local coach Luka Gabrilo who become a coach following his career as a notional Swiss competitive swimmer. The pool where Kopelev will swim is part of a big professional sport center with excellent facilities for optimal training.

Jonathan Kopelev,Lake Maggiore, Locarno Switzerland

Kopelev will start his 2017 racing season with a swimming meet in Belgium on Jan 21-22, 2017. His main target for 2017 will be the World Championships in Budapest in July. We wish Kopelev all the best in his new training center and in the new year!

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