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2020 Tokyo Olympics: Israeli swimmers schedule

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

The largest delegation for the blue and white team will begin competing.

The Tokyo 2020 Games, which have retained their name despite being held in 2021, will be the 32nd Olympic Games in number. The opening ceremony will be held July 23rd at 14:00 Israeli local time.

Credit: Israel Swimming Association
Training at New Clark City Aquatics Center in Tarlac | Credit: Israel Swimming Association

Good luck to all athletes!

Here is the list of the Israel swimmers and eve Saturday July 24th 13:05 Ron Polonsky (swimming) - 400 meters individual medley, Heats Result 4:21.50

13:30 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 100 meters butterfly, Heats Result 58.23 Sunday July 25th 04:40 Anastasia Gorbenko (Swimming) - Women's 100m Butterfly, Semifinals

13:00 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 100m Backstroke women, Heats

13:20 Denis Loktev (swimming) - 200m Freestyle men, Heats

14:20 Yaakov Toumarkin (swimming) - Men's 100m Backstroke, Heats

14:20 Michael Laitarovsky (swimming) - 100 meters Backstroke men, Heats Monday July 26th 04:35 Denis Loktev (swimming) - Men's 200m Freestyle, Semifinals

04:50 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 100m Breaststroke, Semifinals

05:30 Yaakov Toumarkin (swimming) - 100 meters Backstroke, Semifinals

05:30 Michael Laitarovsky (swimming) - 100 meters Backstroke, Semifinals

05:50 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 100 meters Backstroke, Semifinals

13:00 Andrea Muraz (swimming) - 200m women's Freestyle, Heats

13:55 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 200m individual medley women, Heats Tuesday July 27th 04:30 Andrea Muraz (Swimming) - Women's 200m Freestyle, Semifinals

05:55 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 200m Individual Medley women, Semifinals

13:00 Meiron Cheruti (swimming) - Men's 100m Freestyle, Heats

13:50 Ron Polonsky (swimming) - 200m Breaststroke men, Heats

14:15 Denis Loktev, Daniel Namir, Tomer Frankel, Gal Cohen Groumi (swimming) - 4X200 men freestyle, qualifiers

Wednesday July 28th 04:30 Meiron Cheruti (swimming) - Men's 100m freestyle, Semifinals

05:20 Ron Polonsky (swimming) - 200m Breaststroke men, Semifinals

05:45 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 200m Individual Medley women, final

13:00 Andrea Muraz (swimming) - Women's 100m Freestyle, Heats

13:25 Yaakov Toumarkin (swimming) - Men's 200m backstroke, Heats

13:50 Anastasia Gorbenko (swimming) - 200m Breaststroke women, Heats

14:15 Ron Polonsky (swimming) - 200m Individual Medley men, Heats

14:15 Gal Cohen Groumi (swimming) - 200 meters Individual Medley men, Heats


Thursday July 29th 04:50 Andrea Muraz (Swimming) - Women's 100m freestyle, Semifinals

05:05 Yaakov Toumarkin (swimming) - Men's 200m Backstroke, Semifinals

05:55 Anastasia Gorbenko (Swimming) - Women's 200m Breaststroke, Semifinals

06:10 Ron Polonsky (swimming) - 200m Individual Medley men, Semifinals

06:10 Gal Cohen Groumi (Swimming) - 200m Individual Medley men, Semifinals

13:50 Tomer Frankel (swimming) - 100 meters Butterfly men, Heats

13:50 Gal Cohen Groumi (swimming) - Men's 100m Butterfly, Heats

14:10 Aviv Barzelay (swimming) - 200 meters Backstroke women, Heats

14:30 Anastasia Gorbenko, Itai Goldfaden, Andy Muraz, Tomer Frankel (swimming) - Mixed 4 x 100m Medley Relay - Heat Friday July 30th 04:30 Gal Cohen Groumi (swimming) - 100 meters Butterfly men, Semifinals

04:30 Tomer Frenkel (swimming) - 100 meters Butterfly men, Semifinals

05:35 Aviv Barzelay (swimming) - 200 meters Backstroke women, Semifinals

13:00 Meiron Cheruti (swimming) - 50 meters Freestyle men, Heats

13:25 Andrea Muraz (swimming) - 50m women's Freestyle, Heats Saturday July 31st 05:10 Meiron Cheruti (swimming) - Men's 50m Freestyle, Semifinals

05:30 Andrea Muraz (Swimming) - Women's 50m Freestyle, Semifinals Monday August 2nd 03:30-15:30 Eden Belcher and Shelly Bobritsky (artistic swimming) - Free Routine Preliminary Tuesday August 3rd 13:30-15: 00 Eden Blecher and Shelly Bobritsky (artistic swimming) - Duet Technical Routine Thursday August 5th 0:30-3:15 Matan Roditi (swimming in open water) - 10 km men Marathon Swimming For live Updates follow our at Instagram  Follow us here... Facebook :

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