Dead Sea or Alive?

For the first time in history a team of 30 swimmers from around the world swam across the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel, a total of 16km.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world (430m or 1411 feet below Sea Level).

The salinity of the Dead Sea is 34.7%, the salinity in the ocean is 3.5%.

Among these crazy swimmers there were some top open water challengers including the Israeli team that swam from Cypress to Israel in a relay that totaled 380 Kilometers of swimming, the MadSwimmers team that swam the Tres Cruces Norte Lake in Chile (which is one of the highest in the world +6000).

The interesting question is….

How to really swim in water where the salinity level is 10 times higher compared to normal sea. The essential accessory is a special snorkel mask, which allowed them to stay with their heads in the water and create a sterile barrier between the high salt levels threatening their lips and eyes. Swallowing one cup of sea water can kill you, in terms of damage to the nervous system.

Around 13:30 (1.30PM), after more than seven hours in the salt-water, swimmers arrived at the beach of Ein Gedi, Israel. 80% of them completed the 16 km (10 Miles), while others stopped and took the escort boats. What a swim!

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