World championship criterion for Yakov Toumarkin

An excellent opening at the Israeli Arena Swim Cup ; Yakov Toumarkin , the senior swimmer set a 200m quick result from the criterion for the World Championship to be held in Budapest 1: 59.20.

Other swimmers who glistened at the presentation of the first evening and set good results and new highs were Leah Polonsky, Anastasia Gorbenko, Becky Posner, David Minshar and Gal Cohen Groumi . More Results 50 Butterfly


1. Keren Siebner for Hapoel Dolphin Netanya 27.37

2. Amit Ivri EmekHefer 27.38

3. Andy Murez Hapoel Jerusalem 27.99


1. Marcus Schlesinger Hapoel Dolphin Netanya 24.05

2. Miron Heruti Maccabi Haifa 24.30 3. Alexi Schmid - Switzerland 24.98 400 free


1. Haya ZabadoloffHapoel Dolphin Netanya 4: 21.00

2. Roni BavehHapoel Jerusalem 4: 24.97

3. Anna Topolansky Greater Jerusalem 4: 25.37


1. June in Tasha, Maccabi Haifa 3:54.06

2. GilKeizler, Maccabi Haifa 3:55.68

3. Tomer Frankel Hapoel Jerusalem 3:55.74

50 Breast Women

1. Hebrew colleague Hapoel Emek Hefer 32.32

2. Keren Wasserman Hapoel Dolphin Netanya 33.95

3. Nicole Berkowitz Hapoel Kiryat Ata 34.10


1. Ilya Gladyshev Hapoel Ashdod 28.95

2. Amir Haviv Hapoel Bat Yam 29.08

3. Tomer Goldfaden HapoelEmekHefer 29.10

** In this game David Minshar of Maccabi FM Re'ut set a new 15-year record high 30.07 (second record in this competition) 200 Medley


1. Leah Polonsky of Maccabi Haifa 2: 17.78 - a new 15-year record

2. Shahar Menahem Maccabi FM Reut 2: 17.92

3. Anastsov Gorbenko Maccabi Kiryat Bialik 2: 19.15 - A new 14-year high


1. Jacob Tumarkin Maccabi Ashdod 1: 59.20 - Criterion for the World Championship

2. Ron Polonsky Maccabi Haifa 2: 06.69

3. Gal Cohen- Groumi Hapoel Ironi Hod Hasharon 2: 07.28 - A new 15-year record Source Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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