Dr Robi Shalev was fired, Chanan Sterling is the new Professional Coordinator.

The changes are continuing: Maccabi Haifa's main coach will prepare the plans for the coming year and will work closely with professional consultant Coach Dave Marsh

Swings continue in the swimming association. After only a year in office, the union's professional director, Dr Robi Shalev, was fired. Dr Shalev will be replaced by Chanan Sterling and will be the professional coordinator. Leonid Kaufman is also expected to return. Sterling, the main coach of Maccabi Haifa, will prepare the events for the coming year and will work closely with David Marsh, the professional advisor of the Israeli Swimming Association.

The big surprise will be the return of Leonid Kaufman, who has been coaching the Israeli team for 14 years and is expected to work part-time. He will work on the infrastructure and will continue to work with the younger generation, after passing through the country in the last year in various associations and taking care of the technical aspects of the swimmers. These changes add to another change. The coach of the Swiss swimming team, Luka Gabrilo, will be the coach of Israeli swimming team starting this September. He will replace Kajo Kajevich, who will return to the USA Gabrilo has worked in the past for four years with the best coaches in the world. Three months ago he finished his job as coach of the Swiss national team after working for a year. After completing his assignment Gabrilo joined the new professional adviser of the Israeli Swimming Association, Dave Marsh, and stayed with him for a month and a half in the United States, together with the Israeli national team, which was preparing for the World Championship. Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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