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Olympic Triathlete Ron Darmon announced his retirement

The Israeli triathlete, who participated in the Olympic Games in Rio and was injured by electric bicycles during regular training at Hayarkon Park, In Tel Aviv, decided to end his career: "I can no longer train professional sports"

Ron  Darmon

Olympic triathleteRon Darmon, 25, who represented Israel at the 2016 Olympic Games, has decided to retire from professional sports in recent days after failing to recover from the accident he underwent during a routine workout at Hayarkon Park last May.

Darmon confirmed the details to Ynet: "In my current situation, I understood that I can not continue to train as a professional Triathlete." Darmon was injured after an electric cyclist hit him. The triathlete (25) lost consciousness, was evacuated to Hospital and later lost his memory. The injury was caused by a 16-year-old boy riding at a speed of 30 km / h in the park. Darmon recorded a number of achievements in his career . The first was at the World Youth Championship held in Hungary in 2010, where he finished fifth. A year later another place came up and achieved the highest score of an Israeli triathlete by then.

In 2014, Darmon won a bronze medal in the continental tour in Istanbul (half Olympic distance). A week later he repeated the achievement in the European Cup in Riga. On May 14, 2016, Darmon, for the first time in Israel's history, achieved the criteria for his participation in the Olympic Games in Rio, when he was ranked 52nd in the Olympic rankings. (Only 55 Could race in Rio) The accident was not Darmon's only blow. During the preparations for the Olympic Games, his home in Lehavim was breached and the equipment he needed was stolen from him. All this did not stop him from reaching Rio and finishing in the surprising 26th place. Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram Store

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