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Breaking the Guinness Record

Dear swimmers! Did you dream of breaking the Guinness Record and entering the pages of history? This is your chance! On Saturday, June 30 at the Apollonia Pool in Herzliya there will be a swimmers relay of 100 km ... 1 km for each swimmer.

Krembo Event

To break the previous record, which stands at 22:48 hours, we have to do it at 21:30 hours !!! Enter the attached link and check if you stand the entry criterion. The cost of participation is NIS 25. The event will be covered by the media and all funds will contribute to the Krembo Wings Youth Movement with and without special needs to finance activities in its branches.

Swimming Israel Store

Book now! For details and questions: Eyal Hizi Mobile +972-53-3352212 Registration deadline April 30th Link: Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram Store

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