Amir Ganiel died at the age 55.

Amir Ganiel (born January 6, 1963 in Jerusalem, died on May 14, 2018) is a former swimmer, champion of Israel and a record holder, who participated in the World Swimming Championships (Berlin 1978) in the Israeli national team.

Ganiel is considered one of the most talented swimmers who grew up in Israel, and in the younger age he was the fastest swimmer in the world for his age. At the age of 13 and 7 months he set an Israeli record for adults and thus became the youngest swimmer in Israel to set a record for graduates. 2 records of his boys still hold 41 years (as of 2017), the oldest records in Israel! He specialized in long-distance rowing style.

After retiring from competitive swimming he studied medicine at Ben-Gurion University and works as a chest and heart surgeon at the Soroka University Medical Center. His son is the Olympic Swimmer Amri Ganiel.

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