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Toumarkin: "It bothers me not to compete in the Israeli championships"

The top Israeli swimmers will not participate in the Israeli swimming championships due to event next week in Glasgow. Instead they went to a special training camp in Spain.

Yakov Toumarkin

The Israeli swimming championship will take place Tuesday (Today) at the Wingate Institute, but as reported, the country's top swimmers will not participate.

The reason for the absence of swimmers is that, unlike previous years, the championship takes place just a week before the opening of the European Championship in Glasgow. In addition, Dave Marsh, decided to take the swimmers this week to a training camp in Spain, so that even a swimmer who wanted to jump at least once to the water could not do so. "It definitely bothers me that I will not be competing this year for the Israeli championship," he said. "It's always fun and I'll miss it.”

"I still have not had a chance to compete in Scotland and it's nice, even though you do not really leave the pool and the hotel," he said.

European Championship in Glasgow

The chairman of the swimming association, Simon Davidson, responded: "It's a shame that the swimmers will not participate in the championship, but you have to think about the most important things for Israeli swimming now.

This is the European Championship. To compete a week before the championship is not a professional thing and does not happen in any other European country.

Dave Marsh

"On the team's training camp:" Unlike Mario in 2016, leaving the camp will not hurt the swimmers. Dave Marsh asked for this and will place special emphasis on preparing for the competition in Glasgow. " cource: Ynet

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"we at Swimming Israel wish all swimmers good luck at the Training camp an at the Israeli Championships"

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