100x100 Swim Challenge Oct 18th 2018

100X100 Swim Challenge

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The 100 X 100 Swim Challenge will take place on Oct.18th, 2018 at the new Wingate Swimming Pool (Short Course). It is open to all swimmers, Masters, Open Water and Triathletes.

Interval times are set by tracks for a variety of swimming levels: Track 1: 1:30 - 1:15 Track 2: 1:45 - 1:30 Track 3: 2:00 - 1:45 Track 4: 2:15 - 2:00 Track 5: 2:25 - 2:10 Here is an example:

If you are in 'Track 3: 2:00 - 1:45', your intervals will be as follows:

10 x 100 out on 2:00 min 60 sec. rest 30 x 100 out on 1:55 min 60 sec. rest 30 x 100 out on 1:50 min 60 sec. rest 30 x 100 out on 1:45 min

* Division in interval tracks will be according to levels. Please fill in your details and your requested interval track. Register here

GoLong Team

This event is organized and produced by Coach Eyal Moyal CEO@ GoLong.co.il Team Mobile +972-52-5580260 Swimming Israel wishes all swimmers all the best at this great Event

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