European Synchronized Swimming Cup, Cuneo (Italy)

The Israeli national team will participate this weekend in the European Cup in Synchronized Swimming.

Synchronized Coneo

The competition will take place between the 5th - 7th of May 2017 in the picturesque city of Cuneo, Italy, at the International Swimming Facility. In which she will compete with leading female swimmers: Tali Ostrovsky, Shelly Bobritzky, Alina Chelmsky, Ina Yoffe, Yael Polka, Gal Litman, Emily Green, Eden Blecher and Anastasia Furman. The professional staff on the team; Svetlana Blecher, Elina Peretz, Larissa Konin and Tatiana Zim (head of team) and judges Natalia Lerman and Lena Anupreife. On Friday 11:00 Duet Technical - Final 11:00 Duet Mixed Technical - Final 18:00 Team Free - Final

On Saturday

11:00 Team Technical - Final 17:00 Duet Free - Preliminary 19:45 Highlight Routine - Final

On Sunday 11:00 Free Combination - Final 16:30 Duet Free - Final 16:30 Duo Mixed Free - Final INFORMATION BULLETIN Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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