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Eva Fabian - The World Open Water champion moved to Israel

Eva Fabian, 24, who won the gold medal in 5 km at the 2010 World Swimming Championships, came to Israel and declared: "My goal is Tokyo 2020, also in an ointment for 1500 meters in the pool and 10 km in open water"

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Significant strengthening of the Israeli Swimming. The world champion in five open water in 2010, Eva Fabian (24), registered in the Beit Shemesh Association, after the municipality decided to adopt it.

Three years after making her career debut in a competition in Canada, Fabian won the bronze medal in swimming 25 kilometers at the World Championships in Barcelona, ​​and in 2015 she won the gold medal at the 10-kilometer Olympic championship. In 2017, Fabian finished fourth in the 5-km world championship in Budapest, and her father, Jack Fabian, is considered one of the best open water swimming coaches in the United States. In Israel she will practice With Hanan Gilad, the national open water coach and will move to Hapoel Bet Shemesh on weekends. Fabian's rise marks a new era in the Olympic industry, characterized by swimmers reaching their peak in old age. Fabian is relatively young and promising. Shahar Rassman (the Israeli swimmer who finished 16th in the world a few months ago) who trained with me in the US told me that there is a new program of the swimming association at Wingate, and he suggested that I do not have a proper training course. I have to join. After realizing that I also had a city that adopted me, I decided to go up and started practicing here in Israel. My goal is Tokyo 2020, both in an ointment to 1,500 meters in the pool and in a 10-kilometer open water ointment and it's a great honor for me to represent the Beit Shemesh community, where swimming is so important. "

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At the ceremony held in Beit Shemesh, Mayor Moshe Abutbul received the outstanding swimmer, congratulated her and wished her to lead the city to world-class achievements. We at Swimming Israel wish Eva all the best. Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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