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How to destroy a career of an excellent swimmer in Israel

This article was written by Tanya Eisenberg, Daniels mother. Hello my name is Tanya Eisenberg, I am Daniel's mother and I wanted to share with you our story.

Eisenberg Daniel

Today, instead of being in the criteria competition at Wingate, in order to try to achieve a criterion for the World Championships, Daniel is at the base of "on alert", a lawlessness that is unlike any other. In three months, the year of swimming is over and he is a regular in the army. Israel Air Force to the glory of the State of Israel ... Let's start from the bottom line:

Despite the recommendations of the swimming association and its achievements with the most impressive results of Bnei Daniel, including in international competitions, semi-finals in the European Youth Championship and the Youth Champion, the Sports Committee did not even confirm in July 2016 the status of an active athlete to Daniel Eisenberg. On 6.11.2016, Daniel was drafted into basic training in the IAF and was then brought into a professional course. After two more months on 4.1.2017, the Sports Committee approved Daniel's status as an active athlete, despite the recommendation of the Swimming Association for an outstanding athlete, and although he achieved a score exceeding the score for the purpose of receiving an outstanding athlete, he was 775 and Daniel scored 781 and despite winning the European Youth Championship last year Was one of the best in any ointment. Until today, five and a half months in military service, he is deprived of the opportunity to practice and swim in contravention of IDF orders, which allow training for only three months and an option for a month of special permission. At the age of one year I brought him to the pool. From the age of 4.5 he had already entered a course of study. From then until his enlistment, he practiced and progressed. The more he grew, the more successful he was until he reached the semifinals of the European Youth Championship last summer.

According to what appears to be the IDF / Air Force, acting in order to destroy Daniel's career, there is no other definition: Daniel sits at the base and does about nothing, when here and there the commanders threaten him and the IDF deprives him of his legal rights and wants afterwards Place it at the base more than two hours drive in any direction, including a stay at the base will require from 10 to 13 hours a day in the army only !!! Instead of practicing and representing the country with dignity. The Ministry of Sports instead of demanding and enforcing the approval of an outstanding athlete is satisfied with the approval of only an active athlete, allowing the army to act as is customary. There are two ways to allow him to practice as a swimmer:

One committee should approve the status of an outstanding athlete in an active place and have all the data. The Sports Ministry and the IDF the solutions, why did not they even give him an active athlete at the beginning and now they are not giving him an outstanding athlete??? The second way is to transfer him from the air force, which does everything to prevent him from being a swimmer, but refuses to approve a transfer form he submitted and release him to another corps.

Unfortunately, neither the defense minister nor the sports minister was able to help Daniel despite appeals to them.

In our acquaintance with the State of Israel, apparently no one wants enough; otherwise it would have worked out long ago, especially if he was an ultra-Orthodox student who should study in a yeshiva! In the end they will set up another commission of inquiry to examine why they fail here in the country all the time, but the address on the forehead of all those involved. Our disappointment in the family is so great, and so we say to everyone who wants to hear, anyone who wants to be an outstanding athlete should not go to the air force and certainly do not go to the technical school, even if it is the only thing that exists, because then they simply "bury" you And you do not interest anyone. It is important to note that for a swimmer to train properly and progress, he must train twice a day, every day! Including weight training and weights that are in addition to training in the pool and without allowing Daniel these conditions he cannot succeed. I repeat, I do not ask for anything that does not reach Daniel, and I do not ask for anything that is not accepted by all the athletes and musicians and others according to the rules. Only what he is entitled to according to the rules and what he has labored for so many years, this year has been professionally destroyed completely, do not know what to do so that his swimming career will not be destroyed. Asking everyone to share this post and pass it on to as many people as possible, maybe it could change this delusional behavior of the Air Force, the IDF and the Ministry of Sports. Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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