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LEN Junior Swimming Championships - Here in Israel

In two weeks and for the first time in the Israeli swimming history, the LEN Junior Swimming Championships will take place in Israel.

The championship will take place between the 28th of June and the 2nd of July 2017 at the national pool at the Wingate Institute. Among the leading boys who are ranked high in personal finishes, in which they will even be able to run to the finals to the extent that fast results will be determined in advance; Denis Locatav, Tomer Frenkel, David Ribinsky, Tomer Goldfaden and Alon Shemi. Among the girls: Leah Polonsky, Aviv Barzilai and Anastasia Gorbenko.

The team is reinforced by other strong youth swimmers and everyone is expected to perform at a high level. Don’t miss this event. Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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