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The budget for sports should go well for children!

The tools that children can receive in frameworks that are no less important than the tools they will receive in formal institutions (schools and kindergartens). As a former member of the Olympic team, unfortunately the government invests very little in sports education As a former member of the Olympic team, I would be happy to share a few words about sports in Israel and especially about sports as a tool for educating our children from my point of view. Over the years, people have become aware that sports are another means of educating our children in addition to the education they acquire in the formal educational institutions in our country. If you ask me the contribution.

Zohar Shikler at Maccabiah Games Photo by Guy Yechiely

The tools that children can receive in sports and in the frameworks of classes, if they receive them from the right people, are no less significant than the tools they will receive in the formal institutions (schools and kindergartens). In the right framework, the children will receive tools that will contribute beyond the physical dimension, such as confidence, self-belief and persistence in difficulties that will lead to mental strengthening and more, of course, all within the framework of proper guidance. Unfortunately, in the State of Israel investment in education and sports is not high compared to other European countries and the Western world in general. For example, in Israel, where a little over eight and a half million people live, this year's sports budget stands at 598 million NIS (168 million U.S Dollar) (I assure you that part of this budget that comes to our children is not something that can really bring about change). In Hungary, however, which stands at just over nine and a half million, the sports budget in 2014 was 168 billion Dollars. Yes, you read it right. Where can we see the big differences come into play? For example in the number of Olympic medals that each country has. Israel has nine medals and Hungary has 497 medals. Only for the sake of fairness until the 1952 Olympic Games in Hungary were 42 medals, and at the same Olympics Israel began to take part in the competition. But the truth is that it does not matter that in the areas we have really invested in, such as security, army, technology and many startups, many countries have achieved our achievements even though we are a relatively young country. The Olympic field is just an example. We do not want every child to be an Olympic athlete, but most of us, I choose to believe, do want the children to get the best out of the circles, and unfortunately because of the countries almost zero investment in the field, the children do not really get what they can get in most places. Perhaps there is no need to add, but still and this is true for both children and adults, the right sport and proper guidance not only contributes to mental strengthening, it is also one of the most affecting things in our quality of life and health. And no, these are not slogans that are reality. Advice from my parents, with our government's lack of investment in education and sports, there are still trainers and mentors who can contribute quite a bit to the children when you take the child into the circle. Do not just think about 45 minutes of fun or babysitter for a child, think about what added value the child can get from the framework you send your children to. Talk to the coaches and instructors, see what they think and what they think (do not test them for their professional background, something that quite a few of us do because we are sure we know everything, we do not) and you will get a better picture if this is the place for your children. And to the government that has forgotten that education is the future and the key to almost everything and that our children are the future. Call you to wake up and preferably early. Assaf Zohar Source: Ynet Kick Assaf Zohar Follow us Facebook Twitter Instagram

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