1° I R O N - M A S T E R - 24 HOURS

Check Out this AMAZING events who will take place Dec 21-22. 2019 This is an International Invitation Competition for Masters Swimmers, where all 18 swim events (50m /

100m / 200m in all strokes, 100m / 200m / 400m IM and 400m / 800m / 1500m freestyle) have to be

swum within 24 hours.

Organisation: SV StuBay Telfes, Page: www.sv-telfes.at; Email: schwimmen@sv-telfes.at

Coordination: Gerald DARINGER, +43 699 1195 41 71

Date and Location: 21./22.12.2019: Universitätssportinstitut, Fürstenweg 185, 6020 Innsbruck

- 25m pool, 6 lanes, water temperature 26° C, water depth 1,80m, electronic timing Eligibility:

All athletes must be members of a club affiliated with a FINA-member federation. Registration will be

treated as confirmation of fitness to swim. Upon request, athletes have to provide a Sports Medical

Certificate not older than 12 months on the day of the competition.

Competition Rules:

All competition rules are in accordance with the rules of the Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV) and

the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Heats will be seeded according to the specified entry

times provided in the registration. Entry fees: EUR 83,- per person / Payments have to be received by the registration deadline on

following account: "SV Telfes - Schwimmen“ mit der Kontonummer IBAN AT66 3623 0000 0003 8273,

BIC: RZTIAT22230 und Anschrift Salzgasse 1b, A-6165 Telfes.


Each participant receives a certificate and a commemorative medal, as well as a special gift. The best

three swimmers (male and female) after 1000 points score will receive a trophy. In each competition

there is a basic time sorted by gender, age group, discipline and long-distance / short-course (average

time based on the top 10 of the Masters-World-Ranking List - 2011 base points), which corresponds to

1000 points (compare Italy, Circuito Supermaster rating). Session 1: Saturday 21.12.2019

13:00 warm up

14:00 start of competition

14:00 200m IM

14:20 50m Backstroke

14:36 200m Breaststroke

14:58 100m Butterfly

15:18 50m Breaststroke

15:33 200m Freestyle

15:53 50m Freestyle

16:08 200m Backstroke

16:28 1500m Freestyle

19:08 end of session 1

Session 2: Sunday 22.12.2019

8:00 warm up

9:00 start of competition

9:00 400m IM

9:40 100m Breaststroke

9:51 100m Freestyle

10:01 200m Butterfly

10:23 400m Freestyle

11:05 50m Butterfly

11:20 100m Backstroke

11:41 100m IM

12:01 800m Freestyle

13:31 end of session 2

More details you can find ow events website Organisation: SV StuBay Telfes, Page: www.sv-telfes.at; Email: schwimmen@sv-telfes.at

Coordination: Gerald DARINGER, +43 699 1195 41 71 Registration address: SV Freizeitcenter StuBay Telfes, z.H. Gerald Daringer, Lange Gasse 4/8,

6165 Telfes im Stubai, 24hironmaster@gmail.com, Tel. +43 699 1195 4171

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