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Keren Siebner's Surprise ticket to Rio Olympic Games!

Just 3 days after the Israeli Swimming Championships and 2 weeks after the Rio athlete list closed, Siebner wins her ticket to the Rio Olympic Games!

Keren Siebner To Rio Games

Israeli Swimmer Keren Siebner found out she can make her dream come true and join the Israeli team just as her teammates began their final stages of training in Brazil.This dream became a reality after FINA reviewed swimmers' results of all relay teams, only to find out that one of the relay teams did not meet the qualifications. This bumped the Israeli girls' relay team to the 16th place (from the 17th) in the 4x100 Free relay event, adding Siebner to the list of athletes who will represent Israel in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Go Team Israel!

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