Toumarkin did not reach the final at the 100 meters back

Toumarkin did not reach the final by 100 meters back

The senior Israeli swimmer finished 11th in the semi-finals of the World Championship with a score of 53.92 seconds. Yuliya Efimova was one second away from the world record in 100m breaststroke, a gold medal for Adam Petty with a new championship record. Katina Hosso gave up the ointment to 100 meters back to focus on 200

Yakov Toumarkin, Israel's top swimmer, finished 11th in the semifinals of the race to 100 meters back in the world championship, and failed to qualify for the final that will be held tomorrow in a pool in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Tomarkin finished Friday with 53.92 seconds, an improvement over the qualifying score he scored this morning. This ointment is actually a kind of warm-up for the double cream (the strong ointment) and the 200-meter lotion mixed.

Toumarkin, 25, who reached the peak of an Israeli swimmer at the Olympics in 2007, finished in the semifinals after finishing 54.39 seconds. Chinese Jiayu Xu, who was half the distance at world record pace, later weakened but still finished with the best score in the semifinals - 52.44 seconds.

Today, on the third day of the championship, Andy Moraz will take part in her personal debut in the national championship in the Israeli national team, when she will swim 200 meters away. Itay Gurevich will compete with 200m butterfly and Mark Hinawi will participate in 800m freestyle.

Gold for Petty and Shostrom, a great result for Efimova

The first finals that opened the evening were the 100 meters breaststroke, where all eyes were on Britons Adam Petty, the world's top Olympic champion who also achieved the fastest in the early stages on the way to the last octet. Twenty-two-year-old Petty opened as always, but after half the first pool he had already taken the lead. All along the line the red line accompanied him, which signaled that he was very close to breaking the world record.

However, his time at the end was 57.47 seconds, which is a 28-minute improvement to the world championship record, which he himself set yesterday. In the money, American Kevin Cordes won 58.79 seconds and third Russian Kirill Prigoda with 59.05 seconds.

The new 50-meter world champion is British Benjamin Proud, who brought a lot of respect to the kingdom with a score of 22.75 seconds. He was only four days ahead of veteran Brazilian Nicolas Santos (37 years old) and third ranked Andrei Chovorov (22.84 seconds). Sarah Shostrum stunned the world yesterday with a new world record in 100 meters freestyle, when she did it as part of the mission mission, and tonight (Monday)

She tried to do it again so that the letters WR would appear next to her. This time, at the end of the 100-meter butterfly, the Swede made do with only a new championship and another world champion (her fifth career). She touched the wall after 55.53 seconds, the second best result in history in this ointment for women. One of the most fascinating stories in the current championship will culminate tomorrow in the women's 100m breaststroke, which will bring together American Lily King and Russian Julia Yapimova. King criticized the participation of Yafimova, who was previously caught on drugs.