Katzir plans to break world record for swim across the English Channel

Daniel Katzir, born October 11th, 1985. From the age of one, Katzir suffered from severe respiratory problems, and even spent his first birthday in an oxygen tent at Carmel Hospital.

Channel Swimming Association

As to Katzirs doctors’ recommendation, starting from a very young age Katzir began to swim for Maccabi Haifa as a means of coping with my asthma.

Initially, he would suffer an attack before every competition, so he had to stock up and use the inhalers before every competition. Over the years, as Katzir advanced as a swimmer, it seemed to have an effect on his asthma and the attacks decreased.

Katzir always dreamed he would one day swim across the notorious English Channel, and now it is time to realize that dream - after nearly three decades of competitive swimming, including pioneering the area of open water swimming in Israel (which later became an Olympic sport) and winning the World Masters Championship as well as the Israeli Masters and Elite swimming championships. * 2373 Swims to date ...the total number of successful CSA swims. More people have climbed Mount Everest. Daniel Katzir is the only Israeli ever to participate in the longest swim in the world, spanning over 57 kilometers in Argentina.

*1568 Solos. 805 Relays. The fastest Solo swim is 07:17 set in 1994 The fastest Butterfly swim is 14:18 set in 2002 Today Katzir hold 15 Israeli records for Masters in his age category.

The English Channel is considered the world's toughest swimming challenge, with a distance of 37 kilometers in frozen water ("The Everest of Swimming").

Katzirs goal is to break the record for the most difficult swimming style - the butterfly.

In the last 122 years, only three swimmers have crossed the canal while doing the butterfly.

The current world record, which has been held for 17 years since 2002, is 14 hours and 18 minutes. *Formed in 1927, the CSA is internationally recognised to authenticate cross-channel swims. Katzir wants to pro