Swim Goggles with a Smart Display

Check this article from SwimSwam about the Swim Goggles with a Smart Display..

Doesn’t it seem like they’re missing something? How about live metrics like split times, stroke rate/count, and distance? Maybe on a see-through display built right into the eyecup? And fully customizable, so you can choose what to see and when? That’s the newly announced FORM Swim Goggles. And they’re coming August 7th. FORM

FORM isn’t taking pre-orders, but the goggles will be available on August 7th from www.formswim.com. Asking price? $199. Seems like a steal when the new Apple Watch starts at $399, and premium goggles from Speedo are up to $85. Read More @ SwimSwam You can follow ISRswimming on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.