Marathon Swimming in Israel

The Galilee Marathon Swimming Association The association provides professional advice, ratification and documentation of marathon swims in Israel. Its role is to provide neutral observers to the marathon swimmers while performing their challenge, to ratify, document and publish their swim.

The goal of the association is to provide know-how and support for all Israeli marathon swimmers, and to those who aspire to develop in the field, as well as support for international Marathon Swimmers that are coming to challenge the waters in the land of Israel.

The Association follows the Marathon Swimming rules set by the Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF), also known as the "Channel Swimming Rules" (The English Channel).

The Goals of the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association are:

To maintain the local knowledge of marathon swimming in Israel to serve as a local resource for rules and information about marathon swimming To approve results, officially document, and publish course results of marathon swims conducted in coordination with and under the supervision of the association. To provide a platform for public discussions and inquiries in the field of marathon swimming in Israel. To conduct training and certify observers to observe, document, and verify marathon swims. To support activities and advocate for clean waters and improving the coastal and marine environment in Israel. To acknowledge prominent swimmers and activists in the field of marathon swimming in Israel.

A Marathon Swim is a nonstop open-water swim, undertaken according to standardized rules, and requiring at least several hours of sustained effort to complete. Ten kilometers without significant assistance from currents is the minimum distance considered to be a marathon swim” (Marathon Swimmers Federation).

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