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Swimming Cooperation between Israel & United Arab Emirates

An interesting and welcome cooperation - Maccabi Sakhnin's swimming club will leave for Dubai at the beginning of December, where it will hold a training camp and competition to strengthen the relationship and peace that was recently signed with the Emirates. The initiator is Makatar Hidari, chairman of the Maccabi Sakhnin Swimming Association, and who encourages swimming activity in other associations in the Arab sector in the north - including Maccabi Nazareth, Maccabi Golan Heights, Maccabi Majdal Krum and Maccabi Yafia.

"We have established good relations and relations between the two countries. Maccabi Sakhnin, which will appoint 16 male and female swimmers, led by Makatar Hidari and coach Ari Limor, will arrive in Dubai December 1st ,will be hosted by Sheikh Sultan, chairman of the Swimming Association and CEO Abdullah Wahbi." Numbers from a penetrating crown. Haidri says: "The goal is to strengthen ties for good relations, and soon Dubai will recognize the meaning of the name Maccabi. We also invited them to be hosted in Israel, and Sheikh Sultan will visit here in March, for a meeting with the heads of the swimming association and Maccabi Israel. "Swimming Association Simon Davidson, and I'm glad there is an intention to tighten ties." Follow us for more Facebook :

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