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Why Does the USA Win So Many Medals in Swimming?

If you watched swimming in Tokyo, you probably noticed that the United States outperformed every other country in terms of medal count. And that wasn’t new just for these Games. The USA has dominated at the Olympics for decades, not just in swimming, but in all sports.

To find out why, we broke down how other countries’ medal counts compare to the USA’s and a few reasons why the USA might have an edge over their competitors in the pool.

Credit : MySwimPro
Tokyo 2020 Medals by MySwimPro

Many countries pay athletes for winning Olympic medals. The USA pays $37,500 for a gold medal! And while that seems like a lot, that payout pales in comparison to how some other countries reward their athletes.

In 2021, Italy paid $212,000 for a gold medal. Ukraine paid $150,000, and believe it or not, athletes from Singapore got a whopping $1 million for winning gold. It’s not all about the money, but it certainly helps! That cash can be used to help the athlete cover living expenses and costs associated with coaching. In Israel a gold medal winner will get $155,349 (500,000NIS) but then he will have to pay tax of 35% that will live the winner $100,991 (325000NIS)

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