Youngest and oldest swimmers to compete at the Olympics

13-year-old Gaurika Singh of Nepal was the youngest athlete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Gaurika Singh. Al Bello/Getty Images

Singh holds the Nepalese record for the 100-meter backstroke. She placed 31st in the event at the 2016 Olympics. At the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, 13-year-old Marjorie Gestring won a gold medal in springboard diving.

Marjorie Gestring. Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images

Gestring still holds the world record for the youngest individual Olympic gold medalist.

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Dara Torres became the oldest swimmer to win an Olympic medal at the 2008 Olympics at age 41.

Dara Torres. Doug Pensinger/Getty

Out of the five Olympic Games Torres competed at, she was the oldest US swimmer at two of them. She won a total of 12 Olympic medals over her swimming career — four each of gold, silver, and bronze. Follow Dara on Facebook Follow us here... Facebook :

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